App Store Games to Play With Friends

The App Store is full of amazing games, and the great thing is that you can play many of them with friends. With that in mind, here is a list of games that you can enjoy with your friends right now, and most of them are free on the App Store.


Fortnite is a global phenomenon, and it continues to impress people from all over the world. It’s really fun, and the best part about it is that you can play with a group or with a single friend if you want. The gameplay is always nice, and every match is different, which means you can always play with friends as you see fit.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go offers a seamless single-player experience that is matched with a multiplayer side that requires you to go out into the world and catch virtual pokemon. It’s actually a lot of fun to play, and people love it because it’s really immersive and full of excitement. You should definitely consider giving it a try if you want a good collectibles game that also forces you outside where you can get some extra exercise.

Words with Friends 2

As the name suggests, this is a great game that offers a wonderful way to enjoy scrabble-like gameplay. It’s an immersive game and one that you will enjoy because it’s so interesting and full of excitement. There are solo challenges as well as lightning rounds against other people.

Draw Something

In Draw Something, you need to guess what other people draw. Of course, you also need to draw stuff yourself and see how it works. It’s actually a very good game because it encourages you to try out new ways to draw. And obviously, there are some funny moments there too, which is exactly what you need.

Ludo King

The regular game of Ludo can be boring alone or with the AI. But playing with friends makes it incredibly fun, and a lot of people enjoy it this way. Ludo King looks great, and it offers that cool Ludo gameplay in a creative and fun manner. If you love the game of Ludo, you should totally give this one a try because it’s so interesting and different. This is a great game, and people enjoy it because it’s so fun and rewarding all the time. 

Pandemic: The Board Game

This is a digital representation of a very popular board game, and it’s safe to say it’s really cool and fun to play. You will need to treat the infected and find a cure. It’s a team-based game, and it will encourage you to really work as a team if you want this to be enjoyable. It has tricky moments, but it’s fun.

Overall, there are many App Store games that you can play with friends; all you have to do is to find the right ones that you enjoy the most. If you find yourself spending too much time indoors, make sure to find supplements that may support your mood and behavior. Montiff, Solaray, and Vega are supplement brands that seek to support the body and mind. If you are cooped up all day, products from these companies may be right for you.

Give these games a try, and you will certainly have a lot of fun. The experience is rewarding, fun, and you will find that it works incredibly well. All you have to do is to give it a try for yourself, as this is an amazing set of games you can play with friends.