Best Gaming Glasses And How They Help

Gaming glasses are great for people who stare at a computer screen all day. While this article will focus on glasses for gamers, anyone can potentially benefit from the below products.

Gaming glasses, sometimes referred to as computer glasses, reduce the effects of blue light on the eyes, make black text on white backgrounds stand out more, and even provide magnification. In some cases, you can even get them as a prescription. 

For gamers, when you are sitting closer to the screen or fixing your gaze on the point of the screen, these glasses may help to cut down on fatigue, feelings of dry eyes, and overall strain. Using these glasses may to help protect your eyes for the rest of your life.

Interested? Then check out these picks for best gaming glasses.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shields by Gunnar

The J+S Vision Blue Light Shields by Gunnar offers a contemporary design for the person who has a family or important career and wants to look professional all of the time. These glasses are also great for those with headsets as the frame is sleek and will sit flush beneath the earcups.

Why You Should Buy: They filter out 90% of blue light, with the final 10% being useful for retaining important color information in games. The lenses, too, are thin and won’t distort the image terribly. Finally, the glasses are backed with a 30 day guarantee so you can try them out and return them if they aren’t for you. There is also a full year warranty.

Why You Should Avoid: As mentioned, these glasses do not filter out blue light completely. This may lead to some eye strain or discomfort in some people. 

Spectre Eyewear by HyperX

HyperX is an established name in the gaming space. From computer accessories to headset, and even gaming eyewear, HyperX’s Spectre Eyewear offers exceptional protection from blue light. The frames feature a modern black and red aesthetic that stands out more than the Gunnar’s, so be prepared to switch back to your regular glasses if you are in the office and have a serious business meeting. Similar to the Gunnar glasses these work great with headsets too.

Why You Should Buy: The lenses are crystal clear without any tint and are meant to last even after repeated cleanings. This is important for some people as some gaming glasses appear very yellow or have a blue tint. What’s unique here is that the clear design is meant to prevent color distortion and not interfere with immersion into the game.

Why You Should Avoid: These glasses cost five times more than many similar products, and the design may not be for everybody.

Flexlite by GAMMA RAY

Flexlite by GAMMA RAY is an affordable option for people on a budget, but that is also where buyers may want to reconsider. There is a lot to like here, including a sturdy frame and lenses that effectively reduce eye stray. If you don’t want to spend a lot, then these are for you.

First, the lenses minimize digital eye strain caused by blue light, just like the rest of the glasses on our list. They eliminate fatigue, watering, and discomfort for using computers. They’re lightweight yet durable, and they include a frame carrying case and a cleaning cloth – not something that every pair of inexpensive gaming glasses offers.

Why You Should Buy: The cost is downright affordable.

Why You Should Avoid: These have a thick tint that will distort the screen, taking away clarity, and color. Unlike some of the other options here, the lenses are visibly yellow, which is less common today as more people look to these types of glasses to protect their eyes.

GAMEKING Clip-On Computer Glasses

Clip-On Computer Glasses from GAMEKING takes the hassle out of getting replacement prescription lenses for your frames. These lenses clip directly onto your existing glasses, helping to cut down on glare and blue light, without the need for multiple sets of glasses.

Why You Should Buy: No need to buy another set of frames, plus they are super lightweight, so they won’t be noticeable when you clip them on. They also offer a lifetime warranty. 

Why You Should Avoid: They will make your existing glasses bulkier. Clipping them on and off may be an issue and could lead to wear on your frames. 

Final Thoughts

Gaming glasses are great for people who want to protect their eyes from blue light, dry air, and strain. Gaming glasses have evolved over the years, and some of them look indistinguishable from regular glasses so that you can wear them all day, and nobody will know. Check out the options above and see which ones fit your needs.