Creative Writing Curriculums: How Writers Transform Games

We cannot deny that technology has led to many innovations and new opportunities for people, namely the video game industry. You might be surprised to learn that along with developers and artists, creative writing curriculums play an important role in the success of a game. 

In this article, we will talk more about the importance of taking part in creative writing curriculums if you are trying to break into the gaming industry, and how to get a job working for a game developer.

  • Creative writing helps to build worlds in games: If you are a gamer, you know that the story is central to the game. Without the main story, gamers aren’t guaranteed to want to play. Yes, impressive graphics and gameplay mechanics can sell a game, but it won’t be as memorable of an experience, possibly leading to less word of mouth and fewer sales overall. The story becomes all the more important as graphics and gameplay become more simple. For example, by today’s standards, Mario lacks impressive graphics and sound, but the story continues to be key to the game’s success. 

Games are all about imaginative worlds, and it is the duty of developers to make those worlds immersive. A dull or boring story won’t accomplish that. A story with well-developed characters and conflicts can make a game a masterpiece. Creating these stories isn’t always as simple as sitting down and creating a protagonist and hero and having them fight. There are many steps in-between, and good writing skills will be obvious to any developer

  • Creative pieces of writing can make the characters impactful: Characters are one of the most important parts of a game. If gamers cannot relate to them, they won’t care about what happens to them. A game developer knows the value of creative writers. They need their helping hands to build a strong and meaningful character that has a history, flaws, and, most importantly, good intentions.

Characters are something that needs to be constructed. You must include likes and dislikes, goals, emotions, friends, and foes. Just look at Chess – can you see a story there? Not really. Yes, there is a war between two dynasties, and each team has a cast of generic, unchanging characters. Kings, Queens, Soldiers, Horses, and many more; they have their own strengths, weaknesses, transformation, and much more, but no real story to drive their desire to defeat their opponent. Now, if you are a creative writer, you can surely add some color and build a masterpiece of a story.

  • Creative writing produces impressive dialogues: “The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.” If you have ever played Half-Life 2, you are probably familiar with this dialogue. Do you know when a character delivers magnificent dialogue it makes an impression? Many games become popular because specific elements of the story, such as dialogue, at talked about so much that others want to try the game for themselves. 

If you are interested in writing and enjoy playing games, then taking a few courses in writing may be a good direction to take your life. Who knows. Perhaps one day you will be playing a game and see the characters and worlds that you created up on the screen.