Do Video Games Make You Lazy?

When you are committed to a particular video game, it is easy to put off your responsibilities. But does that make you lazy?

How Video Games Might Make You Lazy

Video games might make you lazy if you are a “problematic gamer,” meaning you may have an addictive personality, an attention-related disorder that causes you to forget about tasks, or suffer from anxiety when not playing video games.

Videos games can also make you lazy if you are judged against people who have more accomplishments in the real world. To get good at anything, like playing an instrument, drawing, or being part of an athletic sport, as a few examples, takes years of commitment and hard work. Now compare that to sitting down with a video game. It typically only takes a few hours to get good at a game, and a bit more time beyond that to master the title. 

It is easy to see how people might view gamers as lazy – that you aren’t doing anything worthwhile. It makes sense that relationships could fall apart, students start failing where they previously were near or at the top of their class, and why more people prefer to pursue gaming as a hobby. Sure, your gamer buddies are thrilled with your progress, but nobody else is that enamored with you.

If you make money from streaming, are a professional gamer, or are involved in game development, then it is easy to brush off criticism that gaming makes you lazy. Go nuts. But we aren’t talking about these groups, specifically.

So what can be done? You want to game and to be rewarded for playing, but you also want to achieve success in the real world. The answer might be as simple as changing the types of games that you play.

Games to Play to Avoid Being Called Lazy

To start, you are going to ditch any games that require your constant attention. This way, you can step away from your PC or console to complete chores or practice a hobby. The game will still be advancing in the background, and you will need to check up on things periodically.

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That means oo more FPS, RPG, racing titles, and so on.

That narrows the list considerably, but there are plenty of enjoyable titles. Here are a few recommendations:

Idle games

Idle games, also known as incremental games, are the perfect background games. Most games in this genre continue running even when you log off, and only require that you come back occasionally to collect resources, construct new buildings, or give commands.

  • Melvor Idle is an incremental clicker game that builds off of previous clicker games from the genre, such as A Dark Room, Paperclips, or Cookie Clicker. Melvor Idle is still in alpha but features a modern artistic aesthetics, deep progression, and complex battle mechanics.
  • Realm Grinder puts you in command of a fantasy kingdom where you earn coins by constructing buildings, managing supply chains, building armies, and attacking enemies. What’s unique here is that you can choose to play a good or evil kingdom. There are online aspects here also so you can take part in a community if you want.
  • Clicker Heroes lets you create a hero that you send out into battle to collect resources. As you level up and purchase items for your hero, they will start to complete tasks independently. There are multiple heroes to choose from and to level up so you won’t run out of tasks in the game anytime soon.

City Builders

  • Cities: Skylines or any of the Simcity games are great choices. These games let you play at your own pace, and because you typically need large sums of money to build advanced buildings, like nuclear power plants or stadiums, you can safely leave your city running while you step away for a few hours to accumulate more cash. Just make sure that you have enough fire and police stations so your city doesn’t fall into disarray while you are gone.
  • Anno is a series of strategy games that combine the city building aspects of Simcity with the more real-time elements of Command and Conquer or Starcraft. The Anno games take you to a specific period in time (past, present, or future) where you will colonize an island with resources that you will use to build your colony. You will then set out to take more islands and build complex supply chains. These games can require a bit more involvement and micro-management, especially in later titles that make combat a more important part of the game, so you may find yourself pushing pause before stepping away.

4x Strategy Games Civilization, or others.

  • Civilization is a turn-based strategy game that belongs to the “4X” genre, meaning that you play the game by exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating. In Civilization, you start with a settler and move around a tile-based map. Then you build your first village, construct units, find resources, build armies, and take part in diplomacy. Games can last thousands of hours, depending on how you play and the win conditions. It also plays just like a board game or chess, with each player taking a turn, then waiting for others (real or AI) to respond.  
  • Europa Universalis is a bit more of a grand strategy game than a conventional 4X game like Civilization, Stellaris, or Galactic Civilization. In Europa Universalis, you play during a real period in human history, with historical figures and real-world events to work through and complete. The game is much less about building units or exploring and more about fogging alliances, managing trade routes, and establishing your rule in other countries.

Special Mention

  • Eve Online is a game that seeks to simulate what it would be like to travel across the universe. The game takes place in a persistent open world with every player on a single server. There are 7,800 explorable star systems, so there is a chance that you won’t run into too many people. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t dangers. If your ship gets destroyed, you lose everything except the life pod that carries your character back to the nearest starbase. While you can travel beyond the speed of light, mining, exploring, manufacturing, research, and other game mechanics take hours or months to complete. It is best to set your ship to mine while you step away, but you should remain active while traveling through pirate territory or plan on getting into combat.

Always remember that games are designed with reward systems that appeal to the part of the brain that gets addicted. Good games maximize this by designing challenges to never be too hard and to always have a new reward waiting for you during your progress. It does certainly feel good to be rewarded in games until that day comes, and you look around and realize that your life is a bit of a mess.