Hand and Wrist Massage Techniques for Joint Pain

When you are holding a controller or gripping it too tightly during long gaming sessions, that’s not good. You can end up straining the muscles and joints inside of your hands and wrists.

Here are a few hand and wrist massage techniques you can try if you suffer from joint pain.

These can help loosen up the hand and wrists to help lower the risk of injury or worsening your condition.

Hand and Wrist Stretches

All of the below techniques recommend using a “mini ball” that you will use to massage and stretch the hands in various ways. You might try something like this hand massage exercise therapy ball.

Finger Pressing

Place one hand flat on a table, and with the other hand, gently press and roll the ball in circular motions around each finger and the joints. Do this for the other hand.

Joint Decompression

Take one of your balls and place it between the fingers. Then make a loose fist and gently squeeze your fingers 2 or 3 times. Do these for each finger on both hands. Don’t forget the space between your thumb and index finger.

Hand and Arm Rolling

Using more pressure than you did with your fingers, roll your therapy ball around the back of the hand and palm. Continue rolling along the wrist, forearm, and up to the elbow.

Thumb Release

Place the therapy ball on the table, then take one hand and place the tissue at the base of your thumb on the ball. Then with your free hand, press down on the hand so that you squeeze your hand down on the therapy ball, then release. Repeat this and slowly rotate your hand. Feel free to move your hand around on the ball.

Tennis Ball Hand Roll

Switch to a tennis ball and hold the ball between your hands with your palms open. Roll the ball between your hands while applying pressure gently. You can also do with this a bottle or anything else your can roll smoothly.

Massage Your Hand and Wrist

Along with using a therapy ball or tennis ball, you can also use oils to massage your fingers, hands, and arms. Follow these techniques for additional help.

  • Rub oil along your arm. The oil will warm as you use it, or you can carefully heat it in a microwave safe container for a few seconds in the microwave.
  • As you massage the oil into your skin, vary the pressure as you work from wrist to elbow. If you need more pressure, make a fist with your hand and press your knuckles gently against the arm; this will also help to reduce strain on your fingers.
  • If you find a particularly tight spot, stay on it and massage the area in a sweeping or circular motion.
  • End the massage with a few long strokes of your hand while moving from the wrist to the elbow. 
  • If you need even more help to relax, consider formulas from Klaire Labs and Jarrow Formulas. They work within the joints and tissue to aid temporary relief from swelling, pain, or other occasional discomforts.

Self-Care Essentials

Self massages are great, but you need to do more to prevent these problems from happening in the first place. Here are some ways to do that.

  • Leave your chair from time to time and walk around.
  • Rotate and shake out your hands and wrists. 
  • Get involved in a sport that uses the hands. If your hands are stationary all day or are only active when playing video games, there is a chance that is the cause of your problems.
  • You can use ice to reduce pain and swelling, then use heat to relax the tissue and flood the area with blood.
  • Be careful with how you are gripping your controller and that you aren’t mashing buttons.

When you combine everything outlined above, you stand the best chance of relieving hand and wrist pain so you can get back to doing what you enjoy the most.