Most Popular Gamer Energy Drinks and Snacks

Having snack options that are close-by and give you the energy you need is important when you can’t get away from whatever game you are playing.

Here are the best picks that can provide you with everything you need to stay in the game.


G FUEL is a sports drink company and frequent sponsor of creators on Youtube and Twitch. The brand specializes in powders available in more than 40 flavors that contain essential nutrients like vitamin C and E, amino acids, antioxidants, and caffeine. Almost all of their flavors are zero sugar, with only around 15 calories per serving. 

What makes G FUEL appealing is their strong marketing and that their products do a good job of giving feelings of energy and focus without jitters. Just don’t forget to eat something more substantial because 15 calories aren’t enough to keep your body running.

If you don’t want a sports drink, you can take supplements. You typically take these in combination with drinks and food. Start by checking out BioRay and Carlson Labs. They have products with amino fatty acids and chemicals that work with the brain for a healthy metabolism, energy production, and focus.


Doritos continues to be a marketing champion. Their chips are consistent, and the flavors on offer are truly incredible. As a snack food, it is a top pick. The downside is that the flavoring will get on your fingers and then spread to your gaming gear. Also, be mindful of how dirty your controller, keyboard, and mouse are. If you are touching equipment that isn’t clean, then eating food and licking your fingers, you could make yourself sick. So clean your stuff regularly.


Quick to make in the oven or to order online, and a lot more satisfying and filling than just energy drinks and Doritos, pizza is an increasingly popular food item. Just be careful, pizza is carbohydrate-heavy. These carbs digest quickly and become sugars in the body that lead to weight gain, hormone imbalances, and gut problems. Cheese and meat can also contain unhealthy fats, salts, and are likewise calories-dense. It’s easy to eat a lot of pizza, so go for cauliflower crust variants or those without meat toppings.

Fresh Fruit and Nuts

Fresh fruit and nuts are the best choices for snacking. Nuts are a great source of protein and good fats. Nuts also contain a lot of essential nutrients. Fruits are good for hydration and a quick burst of energy from their natural sugar content. Raisins and dried fruit are an okay alternative to fresh fruit, but dried varieties usually have a lot more sugars, and it is easy to overeat them.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best drinks and snacks you will want to have on hand when gaming. They can give you the energy you need and keep you focused during those long gaming sessions.

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