Fun Japan Rhythm Games You Might Have Missed

Rhythm games are very popular in Japan, and these games have gained so much popularity that now they see releases around the world. However, if you don’t know what rhythm games you might have missed, don’t worry, the article will tell you everything.

Rhythm games are games that you need to play along with the music. Different games come with choices of music, genre, etc. Some games have buttons, some have a musical instrument, and some have motion-capture that allows you to dance along with the songs. Japanese rhythm games are very fun to play, but you may have missed some of them.


If you are looking for a game with endless content and an international following, check out Osu, one of the oldest Japanese rhythm games. It is an open-source game that anyone can develop for, and it is free to play. The community for this game is growing each day. Currently, tournaments with 36 teams from different countries participate.

PaRappa The Rapper

PaRappa The Rapper has a poppy aesthetic and catchy rhythm. The game has fewer songs than some other games, so it isn’t as long. Yet, it is one of the most fun Japan rhythm games out there. Although it has a limited number of songs, the game has many characters and environments.

Cytus 1 And 2

If you are looking for a mobile Japanese rhythm game, you will want to try Cytus 1 and 2. Unlike PaRappa The Rapper, the Cytus series offers a wider range of songs. Along with it, this game has more characters that can be unlocked. The more you play, the more characters you will have. Although the game is not free, the dynamic features make it worthy.

Taiko Drum Master

Taiko Drum Master is a Japanese rhythm game that has realistic musical instruments in place of colorful buttons. The game has gained so much popularity that it is now released for different platforms such as Android, Nintendo 3DS, and the Play Station Vita. The game is cool, and it converts modern songs into taiko tunes.


Jubeat has a very simple setup; it has sixteen buttons, and each button has a colorful rectangular screen on top of it. However, the game is not as simple as it looks. The animations appear on the screen, and you have to tap it as fast as possible to get the rhythm. You have to be very quick with your fingers to play this game and score effectively. It has a decent collection of songs, and so you probably enjoy this Japanese rhythm game while playing it.
If you were looking for a rhythm game, then give these games a try and see if they fill that need for music and fun in your life. If your gaming device can’t keep up with the pace required for these games, learn how to overclock your laptop.