These Harvesting Games Are Challenging and Perfect for All

If you want to have fun but also do something creative, then harvesting games are your best bet. The reason is simple, harvesting games are always exciting, fun to play, and they bring in some cool ideas for you to explore. They are designed to help you immerse yourself into the experience and just have fun for a change. If you are passionate about farming in general, then here you have a list with some of the best and most interesting harvesting games you can play right now.

Just be warned, these games are incredibly deep. You can easily lose hundreds of hours playing them, so make sure that you set boundaries and don’t become addicted.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a stunning farming simulation game that’s using the Harvest Moon game series as inspiration. At first, you create your character and choose a plot of land and a small house. From there, you can plant different crops, but only after clearing stumps, weeds, and boulders. As you clear these obstacles, you will get resources to use to craft other items. In Stardew Valley, you can interact with NPCs, make friends or enemies, get married, have kids, cook, fish, and explore procedurally generated caves for materials. This game is available on PC, smartphones, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo.

Animal Crossing

When you play Animal Crossing, you are in control of a village and will complete various tasks. These tasks vary from one situation to another. Sometimes you have to nurture plants, collect items, and socialize. There’s a very high level of customization in the game. You can decorate your home, and you can also expand your reach within the game world. This game series is exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

Farming Simulator

This is a simulation series where your primary focus is to try and make your farm profitable. You can take care of your farm animals, or you can expand with a vast array of different crop types. In fact, some of the latest games in the series have added wool and other great materials. So there’s definitely a lot of content and plenty of options for you to explore, which makes this game a pleasure to check out! One aspect of the game that so many people enjoy is that you also have the opportunity to drive the vehicles in the game. This series is available on PC, Xbox, and Playstation. But way of all the DLC, which can add up if you choose to make additional purchases after the game.

Anno 1800

If you like messing around with resources and planning a city, then the Anno series, and Anno 1800, in particular, can be really nice. It also has its fair share of farming, but you get to manage resources and create your own city, which makes it incredibly interesting and powerful in the first place. 

All of these are amazing harvesting games with incredible gameplay and fun ideas. If you are passionate about harvesting games or city management games, these options are great. They bring you an entirely new perspective on the gaming world, and the gameplay is staggering. Give them a try for yourself, and you will surely enjoy the experience!