Video Game Characters to Inspire You to Better Health

You aren’t in the physical shape that you want. 

So, maybe you are already watching your diet and taking supplements, but how do you improve and what should your goals be?

If you are a gamer, you probably already have the answer: Look to your favorite video game characters.

When designers create characters for video games, they think about how the character model fits into the world they are creating. With games becoming increasingly realistic, characters in videos games are following suit.

In many cases, the fitness of the characters we are playing can be achieved in the real world.

Check out our list of characters to motivate you, their workouts, then tell us what you think about these suggestions.


Kratos is the protagonist in the God of War series. Born as a demigod son of Zeus and a mortal woman, Kratos was cast out by his father at birth and sent to live in Sparta, where he was trained as a warrior. 

Kratos relies on magic and weapons to slay enemies, including the undead, otherworldly monsters, and even the Gods. His tools include blades, swords, axes, and shields. 

The character of Kratos must be strong to explore the many realms of man and the Gods, all while slaying everything in his path.

Kratos’ physic is attainable! By some estimates, Kratos has a height of 6’6” and weighs around 240 pounds. If you look at the character design, it is evident that he has less than ten percent body fat percentage, meaning most of his weight comes from his muscle mass.

For us mortals to achieve this, you can start by following the God of War Workout. This workout is a set of exercises you perform six days a week for four weeks to start. The workout includes cardio to start each day, heavy lifting, and high intensity interval training.

Here is a video example, for your enjoyment.

For eating, you will need to be mindful of your calorie intake. So focus on getting healthy fats and protein, while using cardio to help you lean out. 

Since Kratos is also an expert at hand-to-hand combat and using melee weapons, you may consider training in boxing, MMA, ax throwing, and weapon handling (using poles or imitation swords).

Each person’s body is different and may not grow muscle in the same way on Kratos. This may come down to genetics. However, if you continue to cut body fat and build muscle, you will eventually achieve a physic worthy of the Gods. 

You might even consider growing a Kratos beard as well.

Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil)

Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy are two titular characters in the Resident Evil series. For them, surviving a zombie apocalypse requires a broad set of survival skills, tactical training, athleticism, and weapons handling will be essential for slaying zombies or outright avoiding them.

Even though both characters are physically very strong, your focus should be more on endurance and adaptability to changing situations. 

With Kratos, we need outright strength and brutality because you are frequently in melee combat. For matching Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy, we need more finesse. Avoiding combat with zombies will be essential. You never want to go hand-to-hand, unless you want to risk a bite. Your primary mode of navigation will be vents, narrow hallways and alleyways, and slipping through doorways before a zombies senses you. 

To survive, you will want to balance bodyweight exercise with intense cardio. You don’t need a lot of mass. Squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, pullups, and planks will get you far. Add in runs that last an hour, combined with sprints, and you will build up a capable physic in no time.

To take things further, try adding in some more dynamic movement and lifts, such as training to jump off ledges safely, and lifting and moving lumber, car parts, or other obstacles that might present themselves during an actual zombie outbreak.

Finally, take courses in gun safety and target shooting. Remember, headshots kill a zombie faster, and you only have so many bullets.


Aloy is the central character in the Horizon series, a game set a thousand years in the future.

As human civilization has effectively been reset, people are living as hunter-gatherers. They live off the land, hunt wild animals, and evade dangerous enemies.

Aloy’s training shows two things. The importance of a diet composed of clean foods, such a lean meats and vegetables, and also how fitness can be gained through practical means. 

Exploring the wilderness and using your hands to craft and build things can be a pathway to improved health. You won’t have Premier Research Labs, Target, or Amazon to rely on.

This type of fitness is very different from what can be achieved in a gym or with a specialized trainer. Being able to bench twice your body weight is fine, but if you don’t know how to forage for food, climb a mountain, or swim long distances, then survival will be more difficult.

So when starting to get into shape, think about the practical applications of your fitness, and perhaps consider exploring the wilderness while applying some basic survival techniques.

Add in archery and training in movements similar to those found in gymnastics, such as tumbling, jumping, cartwheels, and other movements that aid in your mobility. The gameplay in Horizon is centered around mobility, so keep that in mind when working out like Aloy.

Final Thoughts

These characters are fictional, but their overall health and physic can be attained to a degree, provided you maintain a diet and exercise routine that fits your desires and is realistic. 

Next time you are playing a game with a character you enjoy, take a moment to stop and think about what kind of routines you can follow to achieve a comparable level of fitness! So, maybe video games are good for your health after all!