4 Significant Changes in Gaming Over the Prior 20 Years

Playing video games is a favorite pastime of people all around the world. The game industry has evolved a lot since its inception. New innovations have led to many changes in the technology available to game developers. The changing technology not only affects the gaming industry but also make life simple for the people making and playing games.

Technology and gaming have formed a successful relationship in previous decades. Now games are more realistic and thrilling when compared to before. Here we outline a few changes in the gaming industry over the last ten years. 


One of the main differences in games today versus previous decades are the graphics. Every player will notice this when looking at older games. In games from the 80s and 90s, the picture was much lower resolution, relying on simple pixel art to create images. With the help of advanced hardware, games now look more realistic and lifelike. Games are also more immersive thanks to the development of the graphic. The graphics make games more thrilling and exciting to play and watch. 


The past few years have seen great gains made in the overall creativity in the design of games. The shooter genre has seen many exciting changes. On the whole, games are more accessible and tell more varied stories, appealing to a more diverse background of people. There are lots of developers in the gaming industry. Thanks to advancing technologies, developers can explore new and exciting ideas that continue to help the game industry to thrive. 

Virtual Reality Software 

Augmented and virtual reality games are now much more common and widely played. More people are using these technologies to develop their games. When compared to the game graphics of today and existing ones, the games of today have complex shaders, sophisticated textures, lighting, and other innovations that would have been impossible in previous generations. Today, thanks to advanced hardware, developers can push for higher pixel counts and other graphical features on a grander scale all through a tiny display that fits over your head. 

Playing Games on Your Mobile Phone  

When gamers look at the games available during the last few years, they will see a dramatic shift towards handheld gaming. Sure, Gameboys were incredibly popular, but with the affordability and widespread use of smartphones, more people have access to games all from one device. You can also play these games almost instantly with a click of a button. The hardware of computers and smartphones have become better, enhancing graphical quality and making games on small screens more immersive. It allows people to play games on their device whenever and wherever around the world.

With the technological advancements across the industry and new avenues to explore creative ideas, games have gained in popularity.