Ideas for Board Game Wedding Favors

With the wedding season just around the corner, to-be-wedded couples might want to start thinking about some creative and fun wedding favors for their guests. Boardgame wedding favors are a unique way to show gratitude to the attendees for being a part of one’s big day. They are universal and gender-neutral gifts and can be tweaked with creativity to individualize the gift for each guest.

Customized board game wedding favors are the way to go. A lot of companies out there can create tailored gifts for wedding guests. Dice is a generic game which everyone can use in some way. Customized dice could have a unique ‘6th’ side, with either the couple’s names, guest’s table number or wedding date. For some added aesthetic, colorful dice cups with a pretty bow and tag can function as an artistic showpiece. 

Another brilliant idea could be to gift customized meeples in the shape of a bride and a groom with the wedding date carved at the back. 

Guests will be impressed if these board game wedding favors seem thoughtful and innovative. Syncing the board game to the theme of the wedding or the color scheme could make the whole event seem striking and put-together. 

If one is going for a red and black décor, a Pinochle deck is a good idea. Customized Pinochle decks with cartoons of the bride and groom as the king and queen could hold a lasting memory for the guests. A French-themed countryside wedding could have Carcassonne favors matching the layout of the venue. Another way to amaze family and friends could be by having Clue board game if either of the two was a criminal investigator. 

If any of the guests are couples, Relationship Tightrope could make for a favor as well as a wedding entertainment which they could play at the event. 

Boardgame wedding favors hold the possibility of a myriad of creatives tweaks and customizations. Guests appreciate favors they can enjoy long after the wedding is over. Some quaint packaging and some ingenious tailoring can create a moving memento reminding of a special day in time.