The Different Games That are Popular Across the World

No matter whether you are in childhood or adulthood, the only way to relieve all your tension and pass your leisure time is with your favorite game. Gone are the days when you play games in the playground with your friends by consuming some energy. With the advent of gadgets and the internet, the gaming industry has witnessed a drastic change. Video games are currently ruling the entire world

With the continuous launch of game series in different categories, it keeps the player’s hand and minds busy all the time. It brings all the people of different nations and cultures to a single table.  

Game developers usually design games based on the tastes and demands of the desired audience. For example, people from East Asia wish to engage in e-sports to win some money. 

Today, most gaming is conducted on mobiles, PCs, laptops, and in arcades. All of these options enables players to engage with their preferred type of game. When looking deeper into the gaming culture of different countries, you will be surprised about the available variations in the game. Each country offers distinct rules to play games in a particular console and customize the gaming application as per their needs.

Here, you get some insight into the gaming culture of the top countries in the world. 


Firstly, China is a huge market for game developers. In the country, people on average download five games on their preferred device. Chinese players are less likely to engage in the game they play, but when they become engaged, they do more when compared to American players. Likewise, they are willing to purchase some expensive bundles in the game. They mostly play casual games such as puzzle and arcade styles of games.


When compared to other countries, Americans used to spend more on video games because playing video games is the best way to pass the time. In the U.S., video games are one of the most quickly developing entertainment industries. Many people consider that playing video games are the only way to spend their leisure time. However, Americans play games to build better problem solving and strategic thinking skills. They use this platform to connect with friends. They prefer games such as PUBG, League of Legends, DOTA2, and much more. 


It is quite tough to discuss gaming across the world without speaking about Japan. Some of the well-known and popular video games are Japanese-born, which includes Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Pacman, and much more. The Japanese industry has dominated the American gaming industry for a decade. Japan is unique as gamers tend to avoid FPS titles, whereas they are the mainstay of the American gaming industry. 

Other areas not looked at here are Thailand, South Africa, Iran, Brazil, and many other places where gaming is hugely popular.