Popular Video Game Dogs

Dogs have been companions to humans for a long time. Descended from wolves, nobody is quite sure when the transformation from wolf to dog happened. There are a few theories. 

One theory suggests that humans began breeding and raising wolves from puppies over several generations, slowly changing their features, size, and temperament. Another theory suggests that wolves followed behind humans during hunts or while traveling, patiently waiting for scraps; in time, wolves became dependent on humans and even took on some human characteristics, changed in size and shape, and even their behaviors. 

Today, dogs are family. We try to treat them well and take care of them as if they were our children. We even go so far as to give them supportive supplements for things like healthy joints, dental health, and a healthy coat. Petz Life, Pet Wellbeing, and Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals are all places to find pet products to keep your dogs happy and healthy.

However, dogs became dogs, they have long been faithful companions and incredibly useful for hunting and home protection. Dogs have also been major characters in books, movies, and even video games. What’s great about video games is that as the technology has advanced, so has the ability for video game dogs to be increasingly useful in gameplay.

Here are our picks for popular video game dogs who make gameplay more fun and exciting.

Diamond Dog – Metal Gear Solid 5

Diamond Dog, D-Dog, or just DD, is an unspecified breed of dog, but is very wolf-like in appearance with a wild temperament. He is visually black and grey and wears an eyepatch. In Metal Gear Solid 5 (MGSV), Diamond Dog first appears as a puppy, but over time, he grows into a full size companion that Snake can use on missions.

Diamond Dog has several abilities, including bark, attack, retrieve, and stun, depending on his equipment loadout. Diamond Dog is also useful for spotting enemies during the early game before Snake has been upgraded.

Bonding with Diamond Dog is similar to Quiet. A range of actions can be done at Mother Base, or by using him in the field. The higher your bond level, the more useful your companion becomes.

Annoying Dog – UNDERTALE

Annoying Dog is a small white and fluffy dog that is always smiling. Their role in the game is seemingly to foil the plans of Papyrus, a skeletal creature and one of the central villains to the plot.

Annoying Dog first appears after completing the piano puzzle. Its main role in the game is to add comedic effect and to appear in several battles or inexplicably in different areas of the game. Depending on which ending you get, you will see a different ending with Annoying Dog in one of multiple roles.

Dogmeat – Fallout 4

Dogmeat is a German Shepard companion in Fallout 4. As the game is all about exploring, meeting new people, and discovering locations, all while not being killed by mutants, Dogmeat becomes invaluable in your journeys.

As such, Dogmeat can not be killed or traded away, and he is important to starting a few main quests. The player controls Dogmeat, but he will sometimes act on his own. He can also be customized with different cosmetic items. Since Dogmeat cannot be harmed, it isn’t necessary to upgrade Dogmeat; however, there is a perk that reduces damage taken by 10% when you bring Dogmeat along as a companion.

Dogs are a great part of game culture. With advancements in AI and visual design, animal characters are becoming more capable and realistic. Here’s hoping we get more canine companions in the upcoming generation of games with the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.