3 Games Like XCOM 

Gaming buddies, get in here! Are you a fan of the XCOM series? If so, you just might be on the lookout for a similar gaming experience. Well, you’ve made the right stop. Here’s a rundown of some games like XCOM.

Warhammer 40K Space Wolf

This game runs in a similar turn-based, action style, square movement like XCOM. It’s great for gamers who love 4X games. Here, rather than fighting the Advent, you battle against ‘xenos’ from its world. Warhammer also has its twist and card-driven combat. However, reveals reveal that this game is quite buggy.

Invisible Inc.

This game has similar turn-based gameplay as XCOM. It also features hacking and rogue-like elements. It has a cyberpunk feel that works well with creating infiltration squads. Similar to XCOM, there are directions for gamers to play combat scenarios. 

Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden

In the early days of its launch, many games did not find Road to Eden enjoy. But two years later, it has become so popular. This game entices gamers to its characters. This is to the extent that mutants become like family members of players. It is available on Xbox Game Pass.

Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III entices new users with its brilliant graphic update from preceding games. Many XCOM fans found it difficult to play Crusader Kings II because of its non-intuitive controls and interface. Now, the third version has improved on this issue and developed new features. This game has a lot of assassinations, hoses, spying, and politically motivated marriages.

Need something similar to XCOM? These games listed above are just fine.