4 Best Video Game Robots

Video Game Robots range from terrifying to insightful, and even cute.

With the freedom developers have in crafting gameplay experiences, designers can craft robots of all shapes, sizes, and types to make things more interesting.

Here are a few of our favorite robots.

Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine is an NPC in Fallout 4. He gives quests and can be your companion in the wastelands of Boston. If you form a strong enough relationship, your character will receive bonus lockpicking skills. 

He is also a Gen 2 synth created to test if a synthetics could develop independent thinking. To accomplish this, his creators loaded personalities and memories into his system. Eventually, his “brother,” another synth being tested, developed consciousness without having any personalities or memories loaded into him, and both escape into the world. 

Prior to escape, Nick had the memories of a Chicago police detective who was on a case to bring down a mob boss but was betrayed. Now Nick wanders the wasteland helping humans to solve crimes, but he never uncovered what happened to the mob boss. 

When you meet him, you can gain his favor by completing his quest line that uncovers what happened to the mob boss following the nuclear war.

For gamers, Nick Valentine is a standout because of his sharp wit and captivating backstory. 


Titanfall 2 tells an intimate story of a pilot paired with a Vanguard-class Titan, BT-7274 (Bravo-Tango-Seven-Two-Seven-Four). 

In Titanfall 2, you begin the game playing a Rifleman, Jack Cooper. While on the world of Typhon to stop the IMC from using a newly developed time travel weapon, the Fold Weapon, you discover the pilot of BT-7274 dead.

In the Titanfall universe, humans are paired consciously with large battle robots. Due to this link, BT-7274 becomes a vital companion to the player and voice in your head. Throughout the game, both the titan and Jack Cooper save each other. Ultimately, BT-7274 sacrifices itself to save you and prevents the Fold Weapon from being activated.

For being a large battle mech, BT-7274 became popular due to the relationship between Jack Cooper and the titan’s AI. The machine’s sacrifice at the end sealed BT-7274’s fate as a beloved robot. It also helps that Titanfall 2 featured incredible actions and a gratifying story.


Clank is the rational and intellectual companion to Ratchet in the Rachet & Clank game series. Not just a multifunctional robot, Clank also helps to keep Rachet level-headed, less reckless, and more of the hero that the galaxy needs.

Clank was manufactured by the Zoni, a race of mystical beings of energy that operates the Great Clock, a device that keeps time in the universe. Clank possesses the soul of a Zoni, so he is the only one who can see them. 

Although his original purpose was to operate the Great Clock, he instead decides to grant responsibility to someone else so he can stay at Rachet’s side.

Gamers enjoy Clank both through his unique design and the way in which he delivers information in a straightforward way. He is also an essential character in making the platforming found in the Ratchet & Clank series possible. When both characters are separated, the gameplay changes and requires the player to change their approach to challenges. Once they are together again, they can use their newfound abilities combined to complete more difficult obstacles.

343 Guilty Spark

The character of 343 Guilty Spark, an AI monitor of a Forerunner installation on Alpha Halo, follows a solipsistic view of the world. Meaning it is very egocentric. At the same time, it is somewhat playful and quirky. Players will hear 343 Guilty Spark humming a tune or making inappropriate comments at the worst possible time.

When creating the character, the developers used C-3PO as inspiration.

343 Guilt Spark’s primary role is to watch over its designated Halo, which holds a parasitic species known as the Flood. In the first game, these parasites have accidentally escaped. 343 Guilty Spark enlists the help of Master Chief to activate Halo. Unbeknownst to the Master Chief, this will destroy all sentient life within 25,000 light-years, thus preventing the spread of the Flood through the galaxy.

What people seem to about 343 Guilty Spark is its personality and design and the detached way it tries to get you to exterminate all life contained within several galaxies and not finding this to be a problem.

YoRHa No.2 Type B

YoRHa No. 2 Type B, more commonly referred to as just 2B, is introduced in NieR:Automata when playing Route A. 

2B is a battle android developed by surviving humans following the invasion of machine lifeforms on Earth. She is presented as female, with shoulder-length white hair, a short black dress, black stockings, black high heels, and a black visor that hides her eyes.

Although she acts as a member of the YoRHa infantry, a group of human soldiers, her true nature is to kill 9S, a sentry android, in the event that his programmed curiosity leads to him uncovering the true nature of the YoRHA.

Her personality is both formal, as she holds high regard for the chain of command, and also unfriendly. However, she is quite compassionate and works to help others. Her more compassionate side is revealed throughout Neir:Automata, as she becomes closer to 9S.

2B is beloved both because of the character design and how her character is developed throughout Neir:Automata.