7 RTS Games to Play After Age of Empires 4

If you’re a fan of Age of Empires 4, then you’ll want to check out some of the best real time strategy games available right now. Whether you’re looking for something new and exciting, or something that will take you back to your childhood, these games are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a real time strategy game first released back in 2003. It takes place over 10,000 years and includes six different ages, allowing players to build their civilization from the beginning and advance through history. It features 18 unique civilizations that you can either play or fight against, each with their special traits and abilities.

It also introduces innovative concepts such as dual resources – where two sources work together to create a third – for example, wood and food. There’s also map exploration through ancient ruins, working age advancement technologies such as Philosophy and Engineering, an intuitive interface for easy management of your cities, and 15 different types of military units all with specific strengths and weaknesses.

Civilization IV

Civilization IV is a turn-based strategy game which means you can take as long as you like to make your decisions and plan ahead.

This latest version includes various new features such as religion, trade routes, enhanced naval combat, an immersive user interface, and gameplay modes that give the player more options than ever before. A dynamic diplomacy system also creates tensions between AI players, while a robust artificial intelligence ensures no two games are alike.

Tropico 5

Tropico 5 returns with its biggest city builder yet by offering a huge variety of buildings, edicts, and ways to customize each island on offer through skirmish maps so you can test out your strategies before heading into real the single player campaign, sandbox modes, and multiplayer.

Players can choose to be either a benevolent leader or a despotic tyrant in an island paradise where they must manage politics, economics, and tourism. It’s possible to research all kinds of new technologies, including Super Shield, Space Flight, and Earthquake Engineering.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Red Alert 3 is set after the events of both its predecessors in an alternative universe where Stalin initiated World War II by launching an attack against the United States. The game includes co-op missions when building your base that can be done simultaneously with another player online. There are also two single-player campaigns that can be played through three different factions, each with its unique units and abilities.


The original StarCraft was released back in 1997 and is a science fiction real time strategy game set in a distant part of the Milky Way where three species fight for survival while striving to become the dominant species. It’s a heavily narrative-driven strategy game with a compelling story, deep gameplay, and iconic characters.

There’s also the option to play either as the Terran, Zerg, or Protoss, with each having unique units and abilities. You can control your forces across three different campaigns (with four difficulty levels) or via skirmish maps where you can build unlimited bases for more of a challenge.


Northgard is a real time strategy game that was successfully crowd funded back in 2015 after it won the second prize in the “Make Something Unreal” competition. It offers an immersive single player campaign, sandbox mode, and multiplayer with up to six players both online and offline.

Players must defeat opposing clans by gathering resources through exploration while building up your settlements and armies. You can also research new technologies such as Runes or shipbuilding, which will help you increase productivity and gain strategic advantages over your enemies.

Cities: Skylines

Are you more a fan of city building in RTS games than combat? Then you should try Cities: Skylines.

You’ll need to manage the budget, zone residential, commercial and industrial areas that expand into a metropolis with public transport while keeping your citizens happy with health care and education.

There are also multiple maps available in this city simulator, a day and night cycle, natural resources to harvest, and supply chains to keep running efficiently.

Final Thoughts

If you love the RTS genre, there are many choices to pick from. There is no shortage of games with varying complexity and time investment required to enjoy them fully.