Best Risk of Rain 2 Characters

In Risk of Rain 2, you are a member of the UES: Safe Travels on a mission to find survivors of the UES: Contact Light. 

The game is a roguelike, and you begin by selecting a character and trying to survive for as long as you can. When you die, you retain certain bonuses and items earned during your run. 

In Risk of Rain 2, you traverse hostile lands with enemies that gain difficulty as time ticks by. Item drops are randomized in each run, as are levels and bosses. Move as quickly or slowly through the world as you like, but remember your main goal is to complete objectives to unlock more characters and items.

Here are a few of the best characters that you can play during your Risk of Rain 2 run.


The Commando is the default character. He is easy to learn and useful in most situations. Where he falls short is a lack of good area of effect skills and a utility skill that is one of the worst. 

Still, you will find the Commando to be fun. His cooldowns are short, his dodge is highly viable in most every battle, and his stun stops enemies so you can easily reposition if you feel overwhelmed.


Acrid is a strong boss fighting character thanks to poison abilities that deal damage based on enemy HP. Stronger enemies will also go down quickly, which combines with a high defense that lets Acrid take a lot of damage. The downside with Acrid is that his poison abilities do very little damage to low HP enemies, meaning you will need to rely more on items and kiting enemies.

With low mobility but high DPS against strong enemies, Acrid is a great choice if you are looking to farm end units and bosses. For regular enemies, Acrid just can’t do it. 


The Engineer is a ranged fighter that relies on placing turrets around the battlefield. While not the best in terms of mobility, he can shoot and run, has a shield, and can self-heal.

The Engineer is considered one of the best characters in the game if you know how to avoid mobs looking to rush you. But keep in mind the Engineer is also thought of as the most boring to play. Remember to play at a distance, plan your turret placement, and take advantage of your cooldowns to heal or shield yourself when necessary.


Rex has a complicated playstyle that ties the DPS of his abilities to his HP. This means that you will need to keep a close eye on your current health and know how much damage is needed to clear a wave without leaving yourself open to a fatal blow.

Rex is a powerful character that doesn’t rely on good item drops to beat levels. With more practice and proper HP management, this character can be fun to play. They just aren’t for everyone.


The Loader is a durable melee character inspired by Ripley in Aliens. Although she is arguable the most deadly melee character with high HP, she can be challenging to control. 

Once players know how to use her, she is highly lethal. Just be careful that you don’t overuse her lethality and fail to fully learn her kit. If you want to conquer every battle and boss without breaking a sweat, spend time learning how to use The Loader properly.


The Captain is available after beating the final boss. His attacks are high damage, but this is offset by long cooldowns and slow movement speed. Thankfully, you also enjoy strong defenses, but you will need to use those defenses to position yourself to deal damage most effectively.

As far as rankings, The Captain is probably the best. However, players should know that he is played differently than any of the other characters. With enough practice, he is easily the best character in the game. In multiplayer, he works best as a supporting character.