Best Rogue-Like Games on Steam

Rogue-like games seem simple in concept, but they can be deceptively deep, with intricate mechanics that require experimentation and a lot of effort to master. If you want a game to dive deep into, then pick up one of these titles, and you will get your monies worth many times over.


Supergiant Games has built an incredible reputation with great games like Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. These games are known for their exceptional art style, music, and gameplay.

For Hades, Supergiant Games enters the foray of rogue-like games. Along with the richly colored art style, the game also features 20,000 lines of recorded dialogue.

The story of Hades is inspired by the Greek myth of Sisyphus who is doomed to forever push a boulder up a hill. In Hades, you battle against the Greek gods, and even your father, in a bid to escape the underworld… except there is no escape, and you always return to where you began.

During each run, you collect resources that you use to build you weapons and skill. While you may think this would make the game easier, the opposite is true. As your character levels up, you are encouraged to make each run harder with modifiers. Just be aware that your controller will take a beating.


Spelunky is a 2D platformer that relies on randomized levels to test the player’s understanding of the game’s mechanics to overcome every new challenge. 

With each reset, you journey deeper underground, exploring intricate cave systems full of monsters, traps, and treasure. Most of the blocks are destructible, so if you can’t find a path, you can just create a new one.

Up to 3 other players can join you. For even more fun, try the Deathmatch mode, which includes 72 different arenas to battle friends or bots. Bored of the main character? Pick one of the other 71 characters to play, along with unique daily challenges for each.

Risk of Rain

A truly spectacular pixel side-scroller, Risk of Rain is a highly challenging and sometimes frustrating game featuring unique landscapes, monsters, and loot. 

Before each run, you select a character with a unique weapon. This includes melee characters, an archer, a character that lobs grenades, and a traditional machine gun character, to name a few of the available options.

Each of these characters plays differently, and as you go through the game, you unlock items and pick up a currency that you use to unluck items to help you complete each run.

Can you reach the end boss? Even if you do, you can keep playing almost infinitely. Just be careful, the longer it takes you to complete the game, the harder that enemies become.

Loop Hero

Loop Hero introduces RTS elements to the rogue-like genre. You play a character who awakes to find themselves beyond time and space. For some reason, the universe and everything in it is ending except for you and a few townspeople. 

The game is played from a top-down perspective on a randomly generated map. Each round, you get a selection of cards you can place on the map. Additionally, as you defeat enemies, you gain items you can equip. Whatever you don’t use becomes a resource you can apply to your base to gain access to new characters and modifiers.

There are several difficulty levels and characters, such as a warrior, a rogue, and a necromancer. You are encouraged to experiment and see what works with the goal of living for a few more rounds.

Final Thoughts

Rogue-like games offer the best time-to-price ratio of any game. They are typically priced for around $20 and offer hundreds of hours of replayability. You also don’t need a powerful computer to enjoy what they have to offer. Check them out and see if they become your favorite genre.Best Rogue-Like Games on Steam.