Best Stealth Action Games

Stealth action games slow things down, but keep the action high. These games build tension through stealth gameplay and puzzle-solving.

Whether you are crawling through brush or lurking in a dark corner, these games reward practice, patience, and exploring the skill ceiling. 

Many of these games will let you run and gun, wiping out everyone like you were playing Call of Duty; but the real fun happens when you learn the mechanics of the game and use every tool at your disposal to never be seen or caught.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid is the original stealth action game. Originally released on the PS1, the game blends fully 3D environments with voice actors and extensive cinematics use.

The game was revolutionary for the time. Just don’t ask us to explain the plot of the game. Here is a breakdown of the complete Metal Gear timeline.

Metal Gear has ten sequels and spin-offs. The series ended with Metal Gear Survive, a resource management survival game made after Hideo Kojima was fired by Konami. Which game from the series is best? Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater holds a special place in our hearts, but most of the games in the series are worth playing.


The HITMAN series centers around Agent 47, a bald and mysterious assassin who uses various tools, camouflage, and stealth to complete specific tasks.

The HITMAN series has gone through several changes over the years, both in terms of stealth, action, and overall mission structure.

The latest HITMAN games are where you should probably start. HITMAN (2016) was a soft reboot of the series, taking Agent 47 series to new locals worldwide, giving the game a freeform experience, and providing a wide range of ways to complete missions. The two sequels built on this formula, adding even more creativity and expansive levels, tools, and new ways of playing.

Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite is a tactical shooter that puts you in the shoes of a sniper. Suppose Call of Duty is Need for Speed; then, Sniper Elite is Assetto Corsa. What we mean is that Sniper Elite models how each weapon would fire a bullet in the real world, how gravity affects bullet drop, and how wind and other conditions affect the overall accuracy of the bullets speed and range. It is highly technical and prioritizes realism, not unlike a simulation racer like Assetto Corsa.

Each game in the series takes you on a journey through different World War II battles, with the overall technical aspects of the game improving with each iteration and as console hardware continues to improve. 

Go Stealth, Gamers

Stealth games can be a great retreat from the onslaught of high-action, open world, and multiplayer experiences that dominate the market today.

There is a strong niche of gamers who love stealth games, but they are often far and few between. The more people buy and play these games, the bigger the investments that publishers and studios will make to expand these experiences.