RGB Everything: Best Products to Light Up Your Gaming Space

Your favorite Streamers and Youtubers have RGB everywhere. It looks cool and sets the mood for their content. Wherever you are sitting in your home, you are getting into streaming, or want to show off your gear, RGB lighting is the way to go.

RGB lights have made their way into everything, from mousepads to monitors. 

Thankfully, many of these products aren’t just gimmicks. The actual hardware is top-notch. Here are our picks for the best RGB computer peripherals and accessories.

Nanoleaf RGB Panels

Nanoleaf RGB light panels are a highly customizable lighting solution for every room of your house, including your gaming space. Pick from a variety of shapes, including hexagons, large triangles or mini triangles, and squares. Each panel can make a connection with multiple lights to allow for almost any configuration. Sync these with your smartphone to configure the lights. You can control each panel individually or use templates to create your own light show.

Razer Firefly V2 Mousepad

The Razer Firefly V2 Mousepad is powered by Razer Chroma RGB, a bright and colorful light technology to create mesmerizing color on your desk. More than just a nice looking piece of tech, the Razer Firefly V2 features a micro-textured surface, USB power, built-in cable catch, and ultra-thin foam and anti-slip base. The mousepad is great for every genre of game, from FPS to point-and-click adventures.

SteelSeries Rival 600 Mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 600 is IGN’s winner for the best mouse. Featuring true 1 to 1 tracking and lift-off distance detection, the mouse registers movements better than competing gaming mice. Along with full RGB control in the mouse wheel and under the mouse shell, the Rival 600 features fully mechanical switches for every button to give users an amazing feeling of control. 

SteelSeries Apex Pro Keyboard

Pair your Rival 600 mouse with the APEX PRO, a mechanical keyboard with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, and first-of-its-kind adjustable mechanical switches for per-key sensitivity control. Beneath each key are fully customizable RGB lights. Add to this a key response that is up to eight times faster than some competing keyboards, five-time faster actuation, and two times the durability, and this may be the last keyboard you ever need.

Razer Raptor 27 Monitor

The Razer Raptor 27 gaming monitor features a strong RGB lighting effect on the base of the monitor. The monitor is likewise colorful, with 95% DCI-P3 coverage and HDR 400. With a fast 144hz refresh rate and support for NVIDIA G-Sync and Free Sync, your games will always look buttery smooth.

Keep It Colorful

Most computer peripherals and accessories typically come in black, but with a few other solid color options sometimes being available.  For an area of the home where you spend so much time, it can be smart to bring in some more color. RGB lighting is one way to spruce up your gaming space and to get your mind in the right space for whatever game you are playing.