Why Mario Galaxy 2 Is Underrated

Mario Galaxy 2 is a platform game that was specially designed for the Wii platform. The publisher of this game is Nintendo EAD Tokyo. The game is a sequel of Super Mario Galaxy that was released worldwide in 2007. Although Mario Galaxy gained huge popularity, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an underrated game. If you don’t know the reason behind it, have a look at the following points. 

Poor Gameplay Design

Poor gameplay design is one of the top reasons why the game is so underrated. If you compare it with the previous versions, you will find that those were very well-structured. But, in the case of Mario Galaxy 2, you have a monotonous feeling while playing it. Although the game has a different world called ‘Yoshi World’, it is almost similar to the jungle-type stages of previous Mario games.

No Improvement In Characterization

Well, we cannot deny the fact that Mario is a popular game. But, in the case of Mario Galaxy 2, we got nothing new. Gamers were expecting innovative features, improved characterization, but unfortunately the game deeply disappointed many. Therefore, the game gets its position on the list of underrated games.

Similar Boss Battles

Gamers were eagerly waiting for this game before its launch because they thought that the game would have epic boss fight battles. But, the developers of this game disappointed them as there is nothing new in the final round of the game. We have been playing the same thing since the first Mario game launched.

Lack of Proper Advertisement

Advertising plays a vital role in the success of any game. Unfortunately, Nintendo did not advertise the game properly. Therefore, many gamers were surprised when the game release and thus the game has become one of the most underrated games.

Story Does Not Have a Twist

If we talk about the story of the game, we must admit that the game does not have any twists. If you have played any Mario game before, you can easily guess the subject matter of this game. In this technologically advanced world, the gaming industry is rapidly flourishing and therefore gamers will not play the same story when better games are available.

No Stunning Visuals

If you compare Mario galaxy 2 with other games of its kind, you will find that there are no stunning visuals. Yes, it has good graphics, but others are offering more visually pleasing games. Besides, the locations are almost the same and that is another reason why the game is underrated.

Unavailable for All the Platforms

Unavailability for all the platforms is another main reason why the game is so underrated. The game was launched in 2007 for specific platforms. After that, the developers did not work to make it available for other platforms. At present, Android is one of the prospering operating systems and unfortunately, you cannot play Mario Galaxy 2 on this platform. Moreover, it is mostly designed for consoles and therefore PC gamers have no chance to get a taste of this game.
We hope that you have understood why Mario Galaxy 2 is so underrated. If you still want to try this game, look for a used Wii console on Ebay, they are cheap!